What We Do

We are a new type of pharmaceutical company dedicated to creating affordable, life-changing medicines for serious and life-limiting diseases and medical conditions

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“Making life-saving insulin affordable is our mission. Our proprietary processes focus on quality first and foremost - so patients get the highest quality insulin that exceeds USP standards… for less. We expect to do this all while maintaining profits and growth.”

— David Wood, CEO

Biologx Insulin Prices Will Be Less Than Current Market Prices

Reports suggest that insulin prices are influenced by the major pharmaceutical companies, and in some cases appear to have cost diabetic patients their lives. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas and is critical for the regulation of glucose (sugar) in the blood. We are passionate about
bringing affordable insulin to the market. Invest now to help us save lives.

Why Invest in BiologX?

Save Lives | Solve Global Problem | Invest for Good

Market Value

Global Insulin Market value projections from $27B in 2016

Growth Rate

Growing at a rate of 2 times the rate of pharma


Regular Human Insulin sales expected to exceed $4.8B by 2021

Demand Increase

Regular Human Insulin sales expected to exceed $4.8B by 2021

Our Future

We are formulating medicines for those who urgently need them. Our strategic focus to maximize the potential for our medicines will optimize our value for patients, healthcare providers, and investors.
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