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Biologx Proprietary Technology Rapidly Produces More Insulin, to bring more affordable prices to the patient.

Your investment will help us quickly bring our Insulin to market.*

Rising Prices of Insulin Is Deadly

“Stories of Americans rationing insulin - and dying for it - have been making national headlines. The most famous case, perhaps, was 26-year-old Alec Smith, who died in 2017 less than a month after he aged out of his mother's health insurance plan. Despite working full-time making more than minimum wage, he could not afford to buy new insurance or pay the $1,000 a month for insulin without it.”
(The human cost of insulin in America, R. Prasad, BBC News, 14 March 2019)


BiologX Proprietary Insulin Production Can Save Lives

When we set out to make high quality insulin affordable, we worked hard to eliminate inefficiencies throughout the production process. BiologX has devised unique processes for the production of recombinant human insulin (RH) that enable us to make more insulin in a shorter period of the time - all at affordable costs to patients worldwide. Our life-saving insulins meet or exceed USP Reference Standards, the highest quality standards in the market.
The Result
Biologx will price our Insulin less than the current market price - because we believe it's essential to enable easy affordable access to Insulin and because we can make a reasonable profit while
doing so.

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"Making life-saving insulin affordable is our mission. Our proprietary processes focus on quality first and foremost - so patients get the highest quality insulin that exceeds USP standards... for less. We expect to do this all while maintaining profits and growth"
-David Wood, CEO

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Public Offering via Reg A+

Global Diabetes Impact

460M Diabetics Worldwide*

1 in 10 Americans*

12% of all U.S. Deaths*

*Unless otherwise indicated, facts and figures regarding demand, sales, and cost of insulin are referenced from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the International Diabetes Federation.
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